Dat Little Low-Sugar Cajun Cookbook


Dat Little Low-Sugar Cajun Cookbook

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Dat Little Low-Sugar Cajun Cookbook – By award winning chef Remy Laterrade
Size = 6-1/2″ x 9″ — 141 pages
Approximately 38 recipes.

Includes recipe sections for: Appetizers, Ravioli, Idano (Every book has recipes that don’t quite fit in the section – I put those in the “I don’t Know” section), Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice, Meats, Seafood, Seasoning Blends and Dips and much more.

What is this low-sugar eating about? It’s no secret that the new interest in low-sugar cooking and eating is due to the great success of the new Sugar Busters book. Lot of interest and controversy has surrounded the idea. Successful weight loss seems to be accomplished by many who are following the plan, and don’t overlook the potential benefits to high and log blood sugar sufferers…like myself. As the book recommends, ALWAYS consult your physician before embarking on a lifestyle change as dramatic as this. Learn as much as you can. Facts are facts. A commitment to learning about low-sugar eating will offer opportunities to live a healthy life.

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